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Red Cliff Newbie Soft Pin Giveaway Event

Red Cliff game character's action sequence is overseen by famous martial art choreographer using advanced motion capture system, every skill and movement in the game emulates real-life action. Attack range is no longer limited to where you stand. You can now leap, pierce, slash, chop and block!

Red Cliff restored classical Chinese martial arts, performed in front of you as real! You can now fight in game!

Red Cliff

Pledge Allegiance: Lead one of the three nations and build your strategy, whether as an ally or enemy to conquer new territories!

Make your mark: Leave your mark in history. Enter the Red Cliff Ranking Chart!

Realistic in-game combat: In-game action sequence by famous martial arts choreographer.

18 Weapons Choice: Choose from a range of 18 weapons to fight for your territory. Choose a sub weapon to aid you in different battle scenarios. 

Enjoy the items MMOsiters! See you on the battlefield.Red Cliff Gold is useful in the game.You can buy some to help you.

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