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Red Cliff English CB Comes

You've seen the movie and now for the first time in English on MMORPG - Red Cliff Online

Cubinet Interactive just launched the CLOSED BETA for Perfect World's new MMORPG Red Cliff with several interesting events.
Close Beta Event 1

Red Cliff


Could you spot the not ? Find out the game bugs and report to us. We will reward you ,by the way,Red Cliff Gold is useful.

Events Details:

1. Take down your screenshots and email your bug description to us at \n [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;
2. Our Staff will reply your email if you are the first who spot the bug or it is a repeat entry;
3. Bug report that has been confirmed by our staff will be rewardded with virtual item.

Events Tips:

1.Translation,Text alignment is not a bug. However, youmay inform us for such problem.
2. Repeat bug report will not count. Be the first to spt the bug.
3. Cubizone reserves the rights to amend the term and conditions of this event

An Example that do not consider as a bug

NPC A : "Your Endland very good"

Translation error, do not consider as bug

Prize : Arcana Stone 1pcs + Mystic Yam 1pcs


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