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Pets at Perfect World certain levels

Here we offer the cheapest perfect world coins to help you play the game much better. Before you ask yourself question on Perfect World Pets at certain levels, you just want to say that you are almost completely new, so please keep that in mind when you answer questions. You have read through the stickies and looked at the guides offered in the Veno. section. You have also read through about 40 pages of comments after each guide.

Your veno has just reached level 9(Perfect World Gold), and you have gain your "Tame" skill a few minutes ago. At this point, you are still using your first pet, a wolfling from the Lv.3 quest. From what you understand, the crystalline Magnimite is the best one after the Herc. However, with the new server, Raging Tide, out, Glacier something is now number 2. At this time, you are a pure arcane Veno with 9 mag and 1 str every two levels. What you need is a pet that can hold aggro and take a fair amount of hits.

With that out of the way, questions are as follows:
1) what level can you tame the Glacier and Magnimite
2)how much better is the Glacier compared to the Magnimite?
3) Where are the two?
4) Is it hard to tame these tanks?
5) How long will each last, assuming that you will not be using real money to buy a Nix or Herc but instead will be saving up Perfect World Gold  through normal gameplay?"

And here's a side question that is still relevant to the topic, "Are there any pets that are unique in a way that it would be beneficial for you to tame even if you had a Magnimite/Glacier?" Hope you have a wonderful time in our website finally.


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