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Here is the best place for you to buy cheap Perfect World Gold . In Perfect World, it starts to get really annoying when other players try to KS a monster that your attacking. It would most likely help if a person is attacking that simular mob, the other player cannot attack, so they go to find a different mob to kill that isn't in battle yet. You could have a lot of ks-ing on your veno and cleric even on timed quests you try to hurry and finished before time runs out yet other players might try and ks that mob. One asks to that player to stop kill stealing politely most of the time, but the other player doesn't listen.

Regardless to lighten things up, it wouldn't be bad if other players can't attack the one your battling, besides your team mates they can attack if they choose. But if another player wants to kill, then it should show "Someone else is already attacking that monster." If they go to attack the skill, melee attack won't work, because another player is already attacking it. It would also save a lot of argueing about other players taking the kills if there already are in battle. Here you can get the most secure Perfect World Gold .

And you are not talking about those for world boss, it's understandable that large groups are needed which you prefer after trying to take out the one in Validus with a about 20ish ppl over by 1k streams, which got about 1/2 on that world boss and everyone got Ko'd lol. You were referring to the mobs like death knight generals and that not world bosses.Perfect World Money and you are sorry that you should keep on forgetting to put it in the Suggestion boss Accelerate, but you have only posted 2 of these threads, therefore you are still learning a bit lol. Thanks for reading and welcome to come again.

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