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Contest Information about Pandora Saga

Atlus Online will launch the open beta phase of Pandora Saga on January 7th! There are 4 basic classes, 8 secondary jobs, 16 three positions in Pandora Saga. Which do you prefer? Which is the most popular? Now we are holding this contest to vote for best popularity secondary job in Pandora Saga. Only if you vote for your favorite class here, you will have chance to win the huge prizes.

Contest Schedule
- The event will begin on January 7th, 2011
- The event will conclude on January 26th, 2011

How to participate:
1. Have both a Pandora Saga account and a MMOsite account.
2. Vote for your favorite class in above field.
3. Reply to the contest thread stating with the reason and your in game name. (Any related screenshots will be welcome).

General Rules:
- Posts must be within the deadline.
- No spamming. You may be disqualified if you're caught spamming in the forum.
- No plagiarism. You may be disqualified if you plagiarism other people's work.

Winner selection:
We will randomly choose 20 lucky participants, according the quality of your replies. In addition, we will randomly choose 3 jackpots from who vote for the best popularity class.If you want to play the game better,you can buy some Pandora Saga Gold to play it.

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