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Enjoy playing Pandora Saga game and start falling in love with adventure

In ancient times, a single ruler dominated the world under one great empire. Known for his benevolence, this beloved King presided over a long age of peace and harmony... all due to his possession of a primeval relic known as "Pandora." One fatefulnight, peace was shattered as a great fire rained down upon the earth, leaving nothing behind but smoldering ash. Overnight, the once great empire was reduced to rubble, wiping out any traces of Pandora along with it.

Years after the Great Catastrophe, three new nations emerged from the ruin – The Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, The Empire of Latuga, and The Confederation of Varik. However, peace between these three factions was only temporary; soon, war erupted to control both territory and resources in this developing land. As conflict escalated, casualties grew by the thousands, polluting the earth with corpses and the rivers with blood. Using the war as a distraction, the three nations' leaders secretly conducted a search for the long-forgotten artifact "Pandora" once used by the ancient king. Prophecy states, "Those who find Pandora will be granted unparalleled honor, power, and riches." The truth of these words, however, remains unclear.

The world suffered centuries of perpetual warfare as the three factions remained deadlocked in their struggle to dominate each other. Amid this strife, an evil shaman named Brahm joined forces with a powerful demon in order to start a war to claim Pandora as his own. As conflict spread into the Neutral Territory of Astir, each nation's army charged fiercely into what was supposed to be the decisive battle. Brahm took this opportunity to unleash a grand fulmination into the warzone, decimating the armies of all three forces. The few who survived escaped with their lives, but not their memories...

You will take on the role of one such adventurer on a quest to regain your memories and discover the truth behind Pandora…

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