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Knight Online Battle Priest

OK, at this gudie, we will introduce Knight online Battle Priest Guide. I collect this guide from knightsunited site.

Credit go to TheMadHatter. If you have also some useful Knight noah guides, you can post at our website. Of course, they must be checked before they are posted.

So, you've decided to become a Battle Priest. Knight noah choice, but remember, it's not as easy as it sounds. If you are someone who struggles for money, do not plan to excel as a Battle Priest.
I do not recommend this as a first character, because like I said, contrary to belief, they are a very expensive choice. Without further nonsense, let's get started.

Stat Selection

So, theres definately a few builds available for the Battle Priest, I know the one I prefer, so I stick with it, but it all comes down to personal preference.

1) 76 Int, Max Strength - This is the build I always use, it allows for +8/15 armors, so you can wear a full set of +8/15 paper HP armor, or whatever, and the rest goes into Strength.

2) 70 Int, Max Strength - This build allows for Boots/Helm/Gauntlets +8/15 armor, and the Pads and Pauldron are Goblin, allowing for the 6 extra Strength (or Knight noah, if you're a rebel :O )

3) HP Build - This build has all different types, some go 70 Int, 220 Str, and the rest HP...but that's just one example. I don't really reccomend this for a DCZ char, because you need all the Strength you can get, and you don't have the points to spare in HP.

So, out of these three builds, like I said, I think the 76 Intelligence build is best, but there are definately others who would say otherwise. Either one has potential.

Skill Selection

Now, again, there is three options. You have...

1) Buff/Heal - This is definately the most common skill selection, I pretty much always do this, just so you can get in more parties, and you can get exp alot faster...not many people want a rezzer in a party...
and 960 heals is enough to get you by, until Eslant. 

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