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EVE Online Update Coming: No Ends But New Eden

EVE Online's developer CCP just announced DUST 514, a MMOFPS set within the EVE universe. But it didn't mean the end of EVE Online. EVE will release Apocrypha 1.5 which will bring players some new contents and improvements to New Eden.

According to the official site, the mini expansion will include:

Four new Epic Mission Arcs, one for each of the main Empire factions. These arcs will be at Level 4 mission difficulty to provide a challenge even to experienced mission runners. Multi sized rigs will be available, allowing pilots to fit smaller rigs on smaller ships while maintaining the same effect. Changes have been made to Factional Warfare; lag has been reduced substantially allowing for much smoother fleet fights eve isk, loyalty point stores now offer substantial discounts on Navy Issue ships while incorporating unique faction modules to pilots.

Players can earn loyalty points for the stores both by completing agent missions and by killing player ships belonging to the enemy militia. Black Ops Battleships now have a dedicated fuel bay that can be used to store fuel for their covert cynosural generators and jump drives while the Orca and Rorqual now have a dedicated bay for storing ore.

Apart from new contents the expansion will make many changes to improve the performance.

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