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EVE Online Developers Discuss Future

EVE Online is an online game I know very little about. Fortunately, Magns Bergsson, the games CMO, and Hni Hinrichsen, lead game designer, were willing to fill me in.(Bergsson) EVE Online is a sci-fi ..


CCP on the Freedoms of EVE Online

EVE Online - a game whose beauty, like Iceland itself, is something of an acquired taste.eve isk). For this reason alone, the game has seemed awkwardly intimidating to many gamers.buy eve iskhere.


EVE Online Update Coming: No Ends But New Eden

EVE Onlines developer CCP just announced DUST 514, a MMOFPS set within the EVE universe. But it didnt mean the end of EVE Online. EVE will release Apocrypha 1.5 which will bring players some new conte..


EVE Online Retail Box Version To Hit The Shelves

EVE Online retail box, which is scheduled to hit the retail shelves in North America beginning,in Europe and Asia Pacific regions beginning March 12th.The manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) f..


Successful mission in EVE Online

EVE is a very interesting game for many players,so here we offer some information about the game to help you play well.There are several important things to note from here on out:Firstly, the Journal ..


The Guide for EVE Online players

Eve online, the character process offers gamers many choices that just creating a character can seem a daunting task. We are here mainly telling of this guide to help you sort through the multitudes o..


Eve online isk skill guide

Eve Online, you will have to learn many skills that will train you for a certain career, allow you to cultivate your personality, and also train you to use weapons and control a ship. Some of these sk..


Eve Online cheat

Eve Isk online cheat by using implants if perfectly legal. There are few things to remember about implants, though. If your character is seriously injured in battle or in an accident and a clone is ma..


EVE Character Creation Guide

Eve character? If no, take close notice of this information because we will touch upon it in detail.Eve Isk character, let us begin:Firstly, you can look over the four race choices carefully as each o..


EVE Trading Guide

Eve Online but it is the hardest. The simplest method to make money trading is as follows: buy low and sell high, which is done when you trade NPC goods like Water. But due to the sheer simplicity of ..


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