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There’s still more you can do with pets

There’s still more you can do with pets in Ether Saga Online. You can fuse two separate pets into one new pet with all sorts of status affect boosts, although you’ll have to level-up the new born pet. Another thing is that your character can actually fuse with pets, which gives your character stat boosts.

Separate form pets, you can gain enemy cards from dudes and beasts you defeat. With these, you can actually transform into that beast, gain stat boosts, and have no impact upon your avatars ESO skills. Truth be told, it’s an aesthetic affect mostly, so you can be sure to see lots of people running around as these creatures, just for the fun of it.

Perfect World Entertainment is really trying to make the game as full featured as any subscription-based MMO. There are seven total instances, two of which are end-game. There are a total of 2700 individual quests and 12,000 total including ESO GOLD, and since the original Chinese release of the game, there is a world size that Perfect World Entertainment considers three-quarters of pre-Lich King WoW. That’s not bad.

As for art direction, basing a game off Journey into the West could go a couple of ESO but Perfect World Entertainment has gone for a bright and colorful anime style. It actually looks pretty great, and while this game isn’t sporting Crysis-level graphics, Ether Saga Online has a really nice clean style that is vibrant and cartoon-y. The character models are far from ugly, and the pets each look unique and stylized.

Finally, since this is a free-to play MMO, they want to get your money. From what I saw, most of what they will be offering for people to buy in real world Ether Saga Online Gold is what Perfect World Entertainment calls "bling". Bling is clothing options you can deck your avatars out in addition to the stat changing armor. If you really want to get a badass ranger or a super-kawaii mystic, you’re probably gonna want to lay down some cash.

Same goes for mounts. If you want to get some sweet flying mounts -- like a steam punk copter, or the badass robotic ostrich -- that’s going to cost some money. Double that with consumable items you can purchase, Ether Saga Online has plenty of Ether Saga Online Gold for you to buy within the game.

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