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Eligium Online: Open Beta Begins

As announced last week, the open beta phase of Frogster’s new MMORPG Eligium – The Chosen One will start today at 4 pm (CET). The open beta is planned to run for the next few weeks during which Frogster will count on player activity and bug reporting. Special rewards for the most active open beta testers will be announced soon.

Localization – the heart of the matter!
During the open beta phase and at the moment of its official release, ELIGIUM (Eligium Gold)– The Chosen One will only be available in English. Thereafter, the game will also be released in German, Polish and French. The text awaiting translation is the equivalent of four times the entire trilogy of “Lord of the Rings” and double the amount translated for other popular Frogster games.

Are you ready for battle?
As promised, no created characters will be wiped following the open beta phase. Furthermore, ELIGIUM’s Community Managers have planned numerous events and competitions during the open beta phase.

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