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Destiny Online Anniversary - Destiny Online News

Destiny Online is an MMORPG featuring Beautiful 2D Graphics, Exotic Weapons, Powerful Skills, Loyal Pets, Versatile Mounts, Fierce PK, Tribal War, Online Romance and Wild Wedding Party.

Now it has been a great year since last summer when Destiny Online gold was first launched. We experienced lots of fun together and those memories will be with us forever.

It is the first MMO that "Pays U 2 Play", meaning that for each 2 hours that you are continuously logged in the game, you will earn 2 Gold Points.

The Gold Points that you accumulated by being online can be used to purchase valuable items from the Destiny Online gold Item Mall. And now with the new twist of it, the brand new Master-Slave program, you can even earn more Gold without doing any more work.

During the 1-year anniversary celebration, there are lots of special events going on. Let’s check them out first:

1. Zero requirement for marriage. Marry her as long as you love her!
There’s no more requirement of level or friendship points any more. You can marry any one whatever your level is or however your friendship point with her/him.

2. Super Pet Fairy Dew!
Fairy Dew can be used on pets above level 80.

3. Hairstyle fashion show.
To stay in and never out, hairstyle is always the key. Destiny Online gold provides you more choice of hairstyles and hair colors.

Furthermore, we now provide you two public newbie codes that you can use to register new account. With them, you can claim a newbie package in game with great gifts inside of it.

Here are the codes: XRRLS8K, PKYLG8K.

It’s a great game and it’s now a great opportunity to get started. Happy anniversary to Destiny Online gold and we are looking forward to experience more fun with you!

Destiny Online gold is a cartoon-style real time strategy MMORPG where you will find a wonderland - all of your friends, NPC, monsters are very lovable!

You can change your appearance easily; even disguise yourself to a pet, jumping here and there in the street to attract a lot of attentions!


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