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Some suggestions

First, the important is stats in Allods. When a died mob or questgiver NPC offers you new piece of gear that you can quickly check it's stat bonuses to make a decision whether it is worth equiping. Allods is very stat-dependant game which means balanced stats, not super high one stat or max possible sum of stats. For example, if you are playing melee damager and already have high power but low Exper comment then +15 Expertise profits may be better than +20 Strength bonus for you.

Whatever how hard you can hit if you miss all the time in game(Allods Gold) right?



Second, good Reputation businessman are your friends. Best resource of good item is reputation businessman who can be found in any position. Best blue-quality item need highest possible reputation to buy. Luckly, it's simple to max your reputation with vendor faction. Firstly, do as many quests as you can in this location. After you hit reputation cap,you can go for repeatable quests and do them. Reputation equipment is of the same quality as instance bosses drops and even solo player who never does group quests or instances but has some patience can buy it. After 23 level(Allods Online Gold) new type of vendors becomes available to you – PvP Glory Vendors that can be found in faction capitals. They also sell blue-quality gear and awesome trinkets for PvP.



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