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the basic should include

Maybe you want to know the drop that point in lurker which was posted for the person who made that one post and he had the lurker in the build. Maybe you dont really need it, r1 however generates additional blood so it can come in handy for serious healing in Allods.



however you can easily drop it and also toy around with the rubies some more. We know that the basic should include: putrefy 3 hellion 3 aegis 3 summonsoul 1 fear 3 pom 1 dark renewal 2+ volatile 1+. wf3 will rise 3. And additional points to toy around with blood injection is worth a point if having to mainheal, reanimation isnt really wortit anymore(Allods Gold).



For the healboosts from incense and runes make all heals a lot stronger so an emergency heal for full hp(allods online gold) like reanim is just isnt required if your other heals do that job good enough too. If you plan to get percrubies another route to it wouldnt be too bad to save rubies thoughRubies should be put on base only too, get ca, does not reall ymatter how to but through blood tap and burning acid isnt the worst idea(Allods Online Gold).


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