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Introduction of Allods' career

This guide will introduce some Allods' career Introduction. If you want to know some relevant information, please read the following information and enjoy your Allods PowerLeveling. Each career has his own characteristics, advantages or disadvantages. Which career do you like? It is according to how your own position is. Well, here is the career's introductions as follow.


Tank Type/second tank type: It is resistant when soldiers can be inflicted by adding points to be tanks, holding shields and one-handed weapon(allods gold), but certainly smaller than the main tank of paladin. Wielding weapons with two hands:Holding a weapon with each hand, fast attack speed,the outbreak is useful in pvp and very able to cope with the professional. More coherent attack,the energy is good enough. Hands and arms: hands holding a weapon, very slow attack speed, highly explosive, large and very powerful in pvp,but the energy may not be used, be careful to meet(Allods Gold).


Main Tank:Paladin as anti-boss, a very welcomed by the team, but also anti-can treatment is difficult to be killed in pvp, with the output type before 40 plus points, 40 after the main tank replaced, a copy of equipment Oh, but very good.Output type: 1. Dual wielding weapons: focus on the use of sacred physical attack rather than a general attack(Allods Online Gold), attack speed, the outbreak is not strong.There is a strong group of offensive skill. More coherent attack, the energy is good enough.


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