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Zynga Reveals Social MMO from Age of Empires Devs

At their "Unleashed" press event today, Zynga revealed Castleville, a new social MMO. 

The game is the latest entry in the "ville" series (best known for Farmville) and is being developed by Zynga Dallas, which is partially comprised of the team formerly behind Age of Empires. According to Zynga, it's "set in a rich Medieval world with a rich storyline."

The game features five CG animated characters, including three named Antonio, George and Sonya. Antonio is described as a playboy who "has trouble keeping his shirt on."

Castleville will feature personalized storytelling, with each player creating their own unique experience. "Zynga is bringing massively multiplayer role playing games to the mass market," said the game's General Manager.

The game will also feature a fully-orchestrated soundtrack of original compositions(Age of Empires Online Gold).

Castleville's official Facebook page is now live, and more details are expected to be revealed shortly.

This event was attended by IGN Wireless Executive Editor Justin Davis, who liveblogged the event on Twitter.

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