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New Futuristic MMO Under Development by Age of Empires Producer

It was just unveiled on the official site of Windstorm Studios that now they have a new futuristic MMO game under development. There is yet not many details about this game only two pieces of concept art. It was only stated that they were hard at work building technology, art, and environments. It would be an online game unlike anything we've ever seen! As an studio headed up by the ex Ensemble programmer Dusty Monk, I think we have reason to stay tuned.

Monk recently revealed exclusively to IncGamers that the MMO is currently on the back-burner, with the team instead focusing on a single-player RPG based in the same retro-futuristic world - for the time being.

"The plan of attack right now is to go forward with a smaller single-player game, (Age of Empires Online Gold)and get that out there for people to start playing," Monk told us. "This will serve as sort of an introduction to the world that we want to build."

The reasoning behind this is, in part, down to publisher reluctance to commit to an unproven company.

"I shopped the prototype to a number of different publishers, both international and within the States," explained Monk, regarding the MMO. "All of them have, without a doubt, said 'We love the idea, love the project, but we're just not ready to go forward yet - and part of the problem is that we're just not sure that there's enough of a real company here.' And I get that; I can sort of relate to that."

Monk noted that, considering the situation, he took inspiration from Torchlight developers Runic Games.

"They put that game out there, and they put it on Steam for $20 USD a copy, and they did really well. And they're using that game to fund an MMO!"

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