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9Dragons is set in Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty

9Dragons is set in Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. During that era China was a lawless and dangerous place. Out of necessity, different fighting styles developed for defense. These styles were honed by each clan and became famous (e.g. Drunken Monkey or Praying Mantis).

When you enter the world of 9Dragons you start off as a peasant and learn the basics of combat, how to harness your Chi, and some 9 dragons gold you'll need for healing. Soon after, you will need to choose your Clan and begin learning their individual fighting style. In the training schools of each clan you will encounter masters who will fine tune your moves and help you develop combinations. There are also individual PvP arenas where you can test your style against others.

Once you've learned some Kung Fu it will be safe for you to explore the world and begin your journey from Disciple to Master… learning the secrets of the lost 9dragons gold on what we hope will be many fortuitous encounters.


Each clan has more than 400 unique martial arts styles and over 500 different items of martial arts weaponry. Some clans use unarmed combat while other focus on weapons mastery or even assasination!


Featuring more than 450 various quests, 9Dragons will be adding 20 to 40 quests per month.


The animation uses cutting-edge Key-frame animation technology. Players can punch, kick, chop, spin or execute any of the moves they would see in a martial arts movie.


Mobs and monsters run away from superior players, chase inferior players or commit suicide when they get fatally wounded. Some monsters will change their appearance to deceive players. Some use transformation skill to get bigger and stronger

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