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9Dragons Epithets on effect and acquiring information

Acquire: Exit through the treasure room at the back of the Judgment of Hell Block rate increased by 200 Damage increased by 5% on critical hit Critical dodge rate increased by 200/10000Acquire: Exit t..


Training Tips In 9Dragons

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9Dragons is set in Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty

9Dragons is set in Ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. During that era China was a lawless and dangerous place. Out of necessity, different fighting styles developed for defense. These styles were ..


9 Dragons Description and Comments

9 Dragons is a free 3D MMORPG with a martial arts theme that is operated by Acclaim. Although the martial arts MMO genre is becoming increasingly crowded, 9 Dragons stands out somewhat due to more of ..


9Dragons the balance of strength and dexterity

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Developer Journal: Ken Johnston in 9Dragons

9Dragons, the first authentic martial arts MMORPG thats coming soon to America through Acclaim Games and to Europe through Persistent Worlds. The whole journal is here, while all ten screenshots are h..


9Dragons New Quests In The Land

9Dragons, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure 9Dragons Powerleveling. Next we will introduce some useful information about new quests given by kingkom in The Land, hop..


GamersFirst Takes over 9Dragons as Acclaim Ends the Service

9Dragons player community. GamersFirst awared that the current 9Dragons service will come to a halt in the evening of August 26th. With the halt, player accounts may be erased, until GamersFirst takes..


The best clans for Warriors

9Dragons.if you are interested in it ,please read it up.Hope the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it in 9 Dragons.


9Dragons Road to Enlightenment

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