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The Secret Builds In Twelvesky2

Go to town and restat from Elder! The author believe that he went like 1500hp and rest str he had like 100ish str and w/e made her hp 1500! And you may get many twelvesky2 gold in game for your character.

Once your restated! Repill and go back to that cave(maybe have 12sky2 gold)! Remember that everthing gonna hit you harder now! Soo you would want to grind on mobs which drop the 45 rares! Called DreadLords!

Farm them till about 40-50! if you find your rare armor/weapons and w/e else you wanted and you feel like you can move on! then you would move to the next Map Cave! This map is the 3rd map from your town, all factions have different map names so im not gonna go there with naming each map. From level(12sky2 Gold) 40+ you would pump str/vit about evenly. Remember put about 10 on chi enough to cast you are skill.

The author said that he didn't know were the 55-65 rares drop since he never got a drop. But he believe the next cave drops them! So go there and level till about 65 ish and once you reach that level repot and w/e else you gota do in town! And well Move to the 3rd map! This map is were it all begins! Once you go into the cave. There will be another cave at the end of that one! Go to Twelve Sky2 Gold and then you should be in a Lava cave! From 65-75 grind on the first mobs! Just find a good spawn and aoe till you can't aoe no more! Remember you will have no dex so you will be spaming pills till you get better armor!

Something you need to think about is this Ever 5 Vit you add gives you 100 hp! Soo For the level 90-99 Bosses your gonna need atless 5k hp to tank them! So if you do the math! You are gonna need about 250 vit by level 90 Rest into str! Now these bosses. Exactly were they are!


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