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How to Build your Charcter

This is the basics on how to build your char(12Sky2 ). This is for tank build only. If you do not want to take bosses at level 90+ then dont follow this build, because this build concists of 0 dex! Make sure you do all your quest, it will help you out later!

Level 1 to level 112:

We always go a Str/dex build for these levels and very little vit maybe 10 vit max! Reason we did this is because it would save money(buy 12sky2 Gold) on pills at lower level! The levels 1-20 we would grind out on the first map with our str/dex build! Remember you would put atless 5-10 on chi and 5-10 on vit once we hit level 20 we would go to the next maps Cave! At start they would hit around 80-90 dmg! But you will gain levels Fast!

Now from 20 to maybe 28 Put stats on dex till they hit you 1-15 dmg which would make ur life easyier. Once you hit about 29-30 you can move to the next mobs in the cave. Now they will hit you for about 60-90 dmg, but with new armor you get they should hit less! So if you still useing armor 10 levels below you level and you can not find any uni armor from monsters!

If the golem guys are hitting you low enough dmg that you feel safe to add onto str then Do so! Grind on thoose monsters till your about lvl 39 Once you reach there! Go to town and restat from Elder! we believe we went like 1500hp and rest str we had like 100ish str and w/e made our hp 1500 Twelve Sky2 Gold! Once your restated, repill and go back to that cave. Remember that everthing gonna hit you harder now! So you would want to grind on mobs which drop the 45 rares, Called DreadLords!



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