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Uncharted Waters Online Guide:Tanking Pets

Following we introduce our players three kinds of tanking pets in Uncharted Waters Online, if you are interested, please have a look.

They have the best overall survivability of the hunter pets and moderate damage. They have the highest HP of any pet and the second highest armor. Also have access to some good damage dealing moves for when you need them to DPS instead of tank. As an added bonus they are all omnivorous which makes feeding them much cheaper.

They are the second best pet in terms of survivability. They have less HP(Uncharted Waters Online Gold) than bears, but usually have higher armor. Some players prefer using a boar over a bear when leveling or grinding though because of the ability Charge. Its a great opening move which helps your pet gain aggro fast and lets you shoot sooner. Also omnivorous like a bear.

These have moderate survivability compared to other tanking pets and are very situational. Their main selling point is a stackable poisen attack that when combined with a serpent sting can kill a fleeing mob. It is also a great PVP pet which makes it a good choice for a PVP server.

Thanks for you reading, and hope message above can let you better understand this game. In addition, we provide you the cheapest Uncharted Waters Online service, if you need, please have a look.

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