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Reaching Level 40 in Shadow of Legend

Ahh yes, the familiar, age-old song we've heard when we were all in our diapers never gets old. In fact, our kids and our kids' kids will most likely hear that same song in their early years too, but it isn't until now, when we're older, that we can all reflect and think back to what that song means.


The daily routinized grind. Our ancestors had a message for us, and it was that whichever profession, activity, or anything that you invest your time in, there will always be a grind, and if you love what your doing, then that grind won't ever be noticeable. Our ancestors must have a grin from ear to ear, because they were smart and wise enough to weave their message into a song that they knew was catchy and will become trans-generational.


But, I'm not here to just talk about how great this song was, I'm here to talk about how great YOU can become. You've invested loads of time inShadow of Legend Silver, working up a sweat, and taking on impossible grinds in hopes of reaching that next level. And then you ask yourself, "Was the grind worth it?" For those with monumental tolerance, YES, but for the rest of the community, you shared your thoughts and your experiences to ask, "How can we help the community to duplicate what we've accomplished, but simpler and more enjoyable?" They will remember you for your sacrifice, and those impossible grinds that were seemingly dead-end now have something to look forward to.


Introduced in the previous version, the Adventurer's Club sent those who reached level 10 a "Gift Package," which included a suit of blue armor for the head, body, and legs, along with 10,000 pieces of gold. Quite a collection!Shadow of Legend Silver v. gives advancing players a little more to look forward to.


Now, for players that reach levels 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 will get a "Gift Package" at each and everyone of those levels. The "Gift Package" is aimed at reducing the previous frustrations with the grind to making it feel as if you really are "working on the railroad, just to pass the time a-way." Your ancestors would be so proud.


If you have any suggestions on how to make the grind simpler and more fun, please participate in the Shadow of Legend Silver Focus Group:


In-game Economy Chat. Wednesdays, 10 - 11am PST (6 - 7pm GMT), and 4 - 5pm PST (Thursday 12 - 1am GMT).


Thank you, and happy beta testing!


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