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Pet Forest Open Date Comfired

Pet Forest has a wide popularity in Asia for more than 8 Million players have enjoyed the game already. Finally the game now comes to English version and is scheduled for worldwide release at 7:00 PM, March 17th (PST). As being Facebook’s first real-time MMORPG game, Pet Forest provides not only Facebook member login, but also includes PlayOMG, MySpace and Yahoo member login, which makes it easier to play the game without being annoyed by different accounts.

Pet Forest

Pet Forest employs active time battles with assistance of various pets. There are series of wild animals with unique looks and personalities living around the fantasy lands. Once they are caught by players, they will be sweet and loyal to their master on the journey of this adventure. The collecting and weapon forging system, introduced in Pet Forest, allow players to create powerful Pet Forest Gold and gears. Given an advanced gaming experience, players can take advantage of featured navigation system that saves time on looking for monsters and solving quests.

To celebrate the release of Pet Forest, PlayOMG will be hosting a series of events including:

Goodies for Beginners: Any new character is able to get a gift package every 5 levels, before level 30. The package contains handy items that will make leveling up a lot easier to do.
Free Daily Gifts: Pet Forest will be giving free items everyday to players who achieve level 20 with Pet Forest Money. The gifts are getting better as players reach higher levels. Just log in to get them!
My Lucky Star: All players have chance to obtain a lucky chest or key while battling out of towns, and a surprise is included in the chest!

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