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Mytheon payment system introduced

Below is the introduction of Mytheon Gold system, they are Professional System, Runes and Combat Systems. Hope can help you to re-understand this game.
There are three occupations in Professional System, emphasis on summoned creatures and construction, good melee fighter. Emphasis on magic attacks, various elements of the elements of good teachers. Fighting style flexible priests. We provide you cheap Mytheon Online Gold.

Runes: This calls for in the biological, and spell casting are Runestone said players to get through the collection Runestone summoned new skills and new spells. Players in town, the adjustable Rune kit. Each kit can contain Runestone Runestone 15-40 months. With a group, can contain more than the same Runestone, which corresponding professional qualification, the role of each player can raise five more than in the group to increase a set of other occupations runes. Runestone types include biology, architecture, magic, the rare golden side Runestone, blue side, and the white side of the High Runestone general. Runestone through monster drops, prescription synthesis, and to 2-6 Runestone was random permutation.

Combat System: Players leaving the town, crossing into the map, players Rune stone fence with 6-bit, Mytheon Gold in the current Runestone kit randomly selected, when the Runestone is used, the 5 seconds after a new character will be taken to fill the gaps in the field of aragonite. At the same time, the player can control the call object and maintain the continuity of a maximum of 5 spells, but can be canceled at any time by right-clicking properties and call continuity spell.

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