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MIR 2 Interview: Experience Authentic Style PvP

Gamepot USA has operated Mir 2, a Free to Play MMORPG. Despite its age, this game title is still loved by many players all over the world. What makes Mir 2 so attractive?? MMOsite interviewed Gamepot USA about Mir 2.

MMOsite: How will Mir 2 improve upon the original?

Gamepot USA: The original is a classic that contains very stable class balancing and lots of fun dungeon exploration, leveling and player killing of other users. Our USA version of Mir 2 expands upon these principals with even more dungeons, a questing system that continues to grow and a cash shop that can improve the game play experience.Mir2 Online Gold is useful in the game,if you want to play well,you can buy some here.

MMOsite: What are the features of the game?

Gamepot USA: Mir 2 has a lot of features to offer. Mir 2 provides grand PvP wars, massive caves and dungeons, unique monsters and relaxing elements as well by fishing after all the excitement. You can also enjoy seasonal and limited time events that are only available with USA version.

Mir2 has a unique play style that makes you feel the reality of what battle would be like, in-game. We're sure that when players begin playing the game, you will feel this authentic style of PvP which cannot be found anywhere else.

MMOsite: What do you think separates Mir 2 from other free MMORPGs? Why do people still love this game after such a long time?

Gamepot USA: This may sound strange but the aura that Mir 2 gives off is a bit different from other MMORPGs. Although it is very simplistic in that you move with mouse clicks and use the function keys for spells, the more you learn about PvP aspects and locational awareness, the complexity of the game increases exponentially.

Mir2 is also updated weekly and is always changing making it a classic game that is always evolving. Players will always find something new, whether it is an event or a new dungeon, to enjoy. 

Mir 2 Screenshot

MMOsite: What kind of players like Mir 2 most?

Gamepot USA: The main players that like Mir 2 or at least the most vocal group may be the PvP group. They have a serious passion for the game and no bug is too small in their eyes. The target audience is for people who loved classic games like Ultima Online and Diablo and want to feel that classic and retro atmosphere with high quality game functionality and PvP game play.

Alternatively, Mir2 can also be a stepping stone for beginners of the PvP genre. The user friendly Quest system and events allow newer users to enjoy our game as well.

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