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Megaten is complicated and intricate

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine is an amazing game that I really enjoy playing Megaten

The demon pet system is the stuff of my dreams, I mean that sometimes I literally lie in my bed at night restlessly tossing and turning mulling over different factors and combination to create my perfect partner.

The game is complicated and intricate but as soon as you understand your left breathless, mainly because you just spent the last 3 days in front of your computer playing.

The character skills list is fairly broad and any combination is acceptable, though to make a truly powerful character you are generally forced to follow a set formula to unlock what is called a chain expertise. These overpowering skills leave anyone who doesn't have one wishing that they could start over.

Leveling up isn't a problem and if the game is played right you can reach level 20-25 within your Megaten Gold or two of playing. In the later game when grinding is essentially necessary it can be a real pain as the only way to grind successfully in this game is to go on a dungeon run with set demons, a set length and a set boss.

The storyline is rich and intriguing albeit short. by level 45 your usually left wondering what you can do next, although the producer have recently added a new addition to the plot, extending the deep mystery that unravels piece by piece as you play. Outside of the storyline though there aren't many mission and those that do exist are only there to introduce you to different aspects of the game. Thus leaving you to have to go through the same dungeons over and over.

All in all MegaTen is an exciting new game that offers new concepts to a very full genre. I look forward to playing new chapters in the plot and am looking forward to the already extensive list of demons to increase Megaten money.

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