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Mabinogi Closed Beta: Final Opinions

With the closed beta now over, I thought I’d give a little insight into what I thought.

First off, I think the closed beta went really well. I was expecting to go into a game that had a few bad spots here or there, and ended up with something that was well-polished except for a couple of untranslated bits and a few annoying-but-bearable graphical glitches with text. (Which initially I blamed on my “not fully compatible” video card until I heard of other people reporting the same issue. For the purpose of the beta we were only able to explore Tir Chonaill, its two dungeons, (Alby and Ciar) and Dugald Aisle which usually leads to Dunbarton. As no obvious glitches stood out, I started playing as normal to see if there were any to come across; Other than a few translation mishaps, I found none.

What I liked:

Mabinogi was a nice change for me to pull myself to the long, arduous grind that was MapleStory for a bit so I could both hopefully point out some glitches in the game and to get familiar with the story. (Because as far as I was concerned, this was a game I was planning to play in the future.) I think the number one thing I like about this game is the fact that this game puts no emphasis on grinding at all. Although you could choose fight until you drop and combat still remains a primary essential, there are numerous other quests that you can undertake that will give you mabinogi gold just as much EXP that don’t involve running into battle with your sword flailing. Just about anything you can do in this game, from farming to cutting wool to even playing music, have quests that you can use to get a fairly generous portion of EXP.


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