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The favorite character class for luna online

In Luna Online, players will be able to purchase premium items for a distinct advantage.None of the items we will be having in the cash shop will be handing over a top of the line weapon or impregnable piece of armor.

Everything we are planning to sell will either make things move forward faster (EXP, movement, farming time), make things less risky (crafting and upgrade protects), or just for fun (Costumes, accessories, Decorations).

What kinds of events and activities do you have planned for the game’s release(luna online gold)?

We’ve got a lot of plans in the works waiting to be finalized, I don’t want to talk up plans that may not be worked out yet, but I can tell you that we are planning a race to the Farmland that is going to have an awesome prize giveaway.

The finer details are still being worked on but keep checking our forums for more info updated constantly(cheap luna gold).

What makes Luna Online Gold so special for you personally?Oh Definitely the Social aspect of it. I’m a huge MMO fan, and lately I’ve been noticing that it’s easier to just go along a game path and never interact with other people.You can buy luna gold.


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