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Now Available for Download at Curse!

In Luna Online you can join a family, a family allows players to create permanent social groups that share the same icon, have their own social chat system, and can purchase and maintain a family farmstead. Family icons let other players know you belong to a certain family, and as you gain power and respect being part of a certain family actually means something. The family chat also allows you to communicate with your family no matter where players are in the game. Farms are one of the best ways to earn items and important crafting components in the game. Only families can own farms, giving them an exclusive monopoly over those items!

Farms allow players to plant crops and keep livestock. Players can also harvest upgraded items, and crafting components and maintain a steady income from these items. Farms also level up just like players, and the harder a family works at a farm the faster the farm will level! Higher level farms, of course, offer much more to players by way of items and components.

There are over 40 job choices for players who enjoy crafting and building things in game. Some crafting choices are exclusive to a single race, and each class has dozens of skill choices and job roles.

Guilds also play a large role in luna online gold. Guilds will have levels that they can increase as they gain power and respect, they can make friendly alliances or mark enemies of the guild, and engage in massive guild battles that involve many players in large-scale combat! Guild battles will be open range free-for-all, and if guild allies want to join in to help the guild they are allied with - they can! Wagers can also be set by guild leaders that can include luna online gold and even items!

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