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Kal Online Player vs Player Guide - PVP Combat

There is a Player vs Player - PVP Combat Guide excerpted from Kal Online official site. Hope it can be helpful for you, and there are many cheap cheap Kal Online gold and cheap Kal Online Power leveling on Thepowerlevel. Come to taste its services, you can get some bonus too.

Players that die in PvP, either versus another player or versus a PvP-Flagged NPC, must wait 2 minutes before resurrecting at their corpse. This delay does not apply to players that are resurrected by other players or by using kalonline geons.

Control Spell Limits
Control types of spells such as Charm, Fear, and Stun are subject to diminishing returns. This means that if a second spell of the kalonline geons is used against the same player within 15 seconds of the first effect wearing off, the second spell’s duration will be reduced by 50%, the third’s duration will be reduced by 75%, and the player will be immune to the fourth casting.

Slowing Spells & Diminishing Returns
A handful of spells were added to the list of spells subject to diminishing returns in PvP. It is our goal to set as few spells as possible to be diminished. We’ve identified this short list of kalonline geons as having durations and cooldowns sufficient to almost permanently slow or immobilize targets but without adequate controls or other limiting factors. When a spell with diminishing returns is used against a target in PvP, the first effect has full duration. On the second use of the same category of spell (e.g. slowing), that spell’s duration is reduced by 50%. On the third use, the duration is reduced by 75%. On the fourth attempt, the target becomes immune to the spell. Spells must be used on the same target within 15 seconds of the *end* of the duration in order to be diminished. In other words, if a target hasn’t had a slowing spell active on them for more kal online geons, the next slowing spell will have full effect. The list of affected spells is:

• Frost Shock
• Entangling Roots
• Frost Nova

You can turn the "zone under attack" messages on or off by joining/leaving their channels. By default they are both off; to join either type /join LocalDefense and /join WorldDefense.

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