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Gaia: full stock plus 5% bonus

In order to buy the best Gaia items and equipments for your characters; you certainly need a great deal of Gaia gold. No doubt, the gold can be earned by various other methods also. When you kill mons..


Gaia Online: CB Plans This Summer

Gaia Online, the worlds most active online community, is offering New York Comic-Con attendees the first chance to win access to the Gaia Online casual massively multiplayer online game (MMO). In deve..


Hacks Bot Cheats gaia Online

gaia Online.The more memory that you have translates into being able to resend the hack bot information that the software program uses. Welcome to Gaia Gaia Online Gaiaonline Top Online News Today Sci..


Gaia Online Update Preview

Gaia Online Industry Panel. Ill admit, walking into this panel I had no idea the zealous nature of Gaians. The line was among the longest I had seen at the convention and from I heard this was common ..


Gaia Online released some randomized epic quests

Gaia, the primal mother.gaia gold that can be purchased at Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Target stores, 7-11, Speedway Superamerica, or directly from the Gaia.


Gaia Online-Competition for closed Beta testing

Gaia online, which has been in heavy development since 2007, is due for close beta testing in the summer of this year. The company has released a press statement saying that all of those attending the..


Some tips for players in Gaia

gaiaFan, even though knights in Fan also fought very well. They made joint attacks against the Sidus warriors, leading knights in Fan to fight the enemies more courageously.Fighters have faith in Coel..


Market In GAIA online

Gaia Market. Market is divided into four parts - Shops, Trade, Marketplace, and Gaia Cash Shop.gaia gold or Gaia Cash. Items found in the shops can also be sold back to the shop for 50% of the shop pr..


How to Get Steed in Warlords

Gaia Online players wonder how can they get one.gaia gold:What can I say? There are 2 things that dislike me, one of them is that you must be level 100+, and you have to defeat the best characters fro..


Games on Gaia Online

Gaia Online offers players 11 Flash games: Fishing, Towns, Word Bump, Jigsaw, Slots, Cinemas, Cards, Rally, Pinball and Electric Love Faktori. Users can win different items or gold. In Gaia Fishing, o..


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