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Free Realms Pirate's Plunder Minigame

Land-Ho! Pirates have dropped their Anchors into Free Realms

A-hoy me hearties, a new mini-game has arrived to Free Realms that has players commanding their own pirate ship against other players. The object of the game is to collect more treasure then your opponents. You have three ships you can choose from; the Juggernaut, the biggest and slowest ship but carries the most cargo and has the most cannons to attack with; the Cutlass, a medium size ship that is well balanced; and The Eel, the smallest ship with the least amount of everything, but is really fast.

Getting Started
Like the other mini-games in Free Realms, you can access this mini-game through the game guide or just by pulling up the map and simply teleporting to it. Once you enter the matchmaking process, you can select either “Quick Join”, which will put you in a queue with other players, or you can select “Invite Friends”, which will allow you to invite your friends to group with you.When you play the mini-game for the first time, you start out as the Cutlass ship (the medium sized ship in the game). In order to change your ship, you will have to steer your ship inside your island’s cave. This will bring up the Ship Selection menu and from there you can change your ship, read info about the three ships you can choose from and change your Flag’s decal.Another thing you will notice about your ship when you first start playing are the treasure chests above it. Each treasure chest counts for 3250 gold, so the more cargo your ship has, the more treasure chests you will see above your ship. For instance, as shown in the Ship Selection menu, the Juggernaut ship has the most cargo and therefore, has 8 treasure chests above it. Besides your island having a cave to change ships in, you also have an area to unload your treasure and two cannon towers that shoot at nearby enemy ships. The unloading area is marked as a giant treasure chest, which is called your dock, and a cannon tower is right beside it. You can consider this area your safe zone because once you enter your dock, no enemy ship can cause damage to you. Gamer Note: You can find treasure spawning over orange X’s located in the north on every map. The respawn times of treasure are not that long so you can camp out at the treasure area to max out the capacity of your ships cargo. By the way,Free Realms Coins can help you play the game well.

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