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Fiesta action in the abyss

As a Fiesta player, sometimes you may need Fiesta gold. The price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Here we will introduce some actions in the abyss for you, please read them in details and get the main points you need.

You can treat people like you want to be treated. There are still some manners though there are very little rules to pvp in the abyss. At first, you can not go into someone else's 'room' and start killing in there without permisson. If someone got the room before you, it is 'rightfully' theirs, and you have to wait your turn.

Then you never attack a fiesta gold player at the spawn point, or when he is pulling monsters. Also, it is not fair to go into the 6x abyss when your 76 - just to PK for fun. You can get the cheapest Fiesta gold .

At the same time, you should normally ask for a PVP before fighting unless you have a reason to ponce on a victim. Please don't take screenies and post them in the forms saying 'I PWNED XXXYYY!'once the fight is over. Finally, mobs belong to the appropriate puller.

Stealing mobs is considers a Kill Steal, and you can get banned for fiesta online gold. As you can see, these rules are not hard to follow, nor do they require half a brain to put in action. You need to enter the abyss with some resepct for others.


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