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Details of the city villain Raiders

Here tell you the details of the Raiders of City of Villains.I hope it can help you.

First, eliminate the first BOSS to the T group on skills that can not be treated DEBUFF, be the first time dispersed and difficult. . Disperse delay treatment. Time to disperse, according to observations, BOSS finished T2 seconds after each halo basic certainly can not put that treatment DEBUFF, according to the dispersed, but can not just look at halo. Because sometimes T will Duodiao halo, they still have to ensure focus.

Fury picture

Present a solution to disperse the direct use of 80 that finished the healing at the same time to give up output auxiliary Master plus CoV Infamy.

Second, the fragmented melee range attacks, we team with an element of 2 sword play, melee more disadvantage. Is now full to eat the first split, then lost skills solution, the first two runs. Separate our observation time of 25 seconds up. General advance 4-5 seconds Paoyuan can escape the other, BOSS in the resting period of time seems to put an all-around in the 4000 attack damage, so the sword is necessary to ensure their City of Villains Infamy not too low.

3rd skill is a general attack with the second T of the skills, we call it sword 2, is directly under the knife knight half blood, half the current of blood, we T12000 blood, a knife 2 with common assault is easy to direct full instant hit less than 3,000 left in the blood. If less blood T and 8000 CoV Infamy, that the combination of skills is also a large probability of direct second T


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