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Peak System Failure of Battle of the Immortals

This is due in large part this is no peak in Battle of the Immortals are the same as Get Some system and the new Poseidon server bully. People can PK you just point and like you, because they do not in any one of their weaknesses, instead of one. Yes, they will get murder status, but who cares? If there is no one to challenge this status how can then this good? 

Peak not only can you often, but you will be a loss of gold to fix your equipment. No, you should not give up anything (do not think you can be anything, if someone you peak), while the system is a failure, a sure peak. The idea will completely disappear in pking, because the game was very tired from all some boi gold bully, they just want to play Battle Of The Immortals, and not who was wounded in the middle for fun, you know you have the opportunity to zero defense.

Perhaps the idea is that a line will limit the number to the maximum number of levels, as long as no one opposing them, because otherwise, as now, the guild only take over the server and the application of their own rules. You go play a game, is not free of peaks.


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