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The spacecraft's fuel system

The spacecraft's fuel system reactor in Allods. Which is a very important part of the reactor vessel engine provides the heat, if overheated, the ship will explode. Operating reactors is essential players, because you relate to each crew's survival. If you close the reactor to cold missing, the ship will not move the sticks, so to calculate a good time to reach a safe location for the cold lack of importance. Spacecraft's operating system needs to meet with a lot of personnel operations, not counting board to prevent the enemy combatants. So, that is mentioned earlier, the team is very important in game( buy allods gold).



Spaceship battle PVE part: you can team together to eliminate the monster satellite industry, from fuel for the spacecraft, the monster will take the initiative to attack your ship support, so that killing monsters is not only to protect themselves. More importantly, when you find the fuel runs out, you need to kill the monsters get fuel. Allods Online Gold PVP parts: the ship encountered the hostile camp, you need to match wits with the support not only attack the enemy ship to operate, but also to prevent the enemy to board your ship support, kill your crew, grab your board property.



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