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Age of Empires Online Beta Review

This review somewhat assumes you have at least a basic knowledge of Age of Empires and RTS Gameplay. 

Microsoft is trying to reboot their Age of Empires Series with a fresh new look and under an interesting new genre. Gas Powered Games are in charge of developing the new title in the series, Age of Empires Online. This new title for the series is a Free-To-Play game which is currently in Beta, Age of Empires returns to us as an MMORTS utilizing the Windows Games Live platform for online matchmaking and play. The concept this time around is a persistent online world, which is always working even when you're not at your computer playing.

Taking place in an alternate Mediterranean, you are given your own empire in which you will be required to grow and expand in order to obtain great power over your enemies. Fans of the series will find similar gameplay to previous titles. If you have never played an RTS game before, (Age of Empires Online Gold)or are still a beginner then this might be a great chance for you to jump in and learn. Like many RTS titles, AOE is one that is easy to learn, hard to master. Not so much as other titles like StarCraft, but there is a lot of complexity deep within the game available for the more competitive players.

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