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12Sky2: Interface

Hello,everyone! Welcome to 12sky2 ,here you will havea good time.This guide will help you in the game.

Character Status Bar
This window displays three vital bars. These bars represent your character's current versus total Health, current versus total Spirit, and current Experience needed in order to attain to the next level.

Team Window
This window is similar to the Character Status bar. When in a hunting team, this User Interface will automatically appear in order to inform you of the status of your teammates, such as Twelve Sky2 Gold and level.

Quest Info
While there is quest available for your level or your current quest complete, information will be shown here. With Npc name, coordinates and many other 12sky2 Gold  tips here.

System Messages
This section displays messages generated either from the Game itself such as reminders, damage, and the sort, or important notices written by the Guest Service Representatives.

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