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Contest Promote Ys Online

If you want to let your friends know about YS and win a Nintendo DSi , now is the chance!

Key To Play is giving you the opportunity to promote YS Gold on your blog, your favorite forums, your Facebook page, etc.

What is there to win? A Nintendo DSi for the best review and 1000 KTPs, the official currency for the Key To Play Cash Shop for every contestant, with at least 2 reviews!

Rules to follow to make sure that KTP will take your participation into account:

You must have a Key To Play account and a live character on YS Gold.

Spam, buzzing on other games forums or network, advertising for YS Gold on other video games forums, threads, news or topic is not authorized. Anything that YS Gold could be related or affiliated to the aforementioned techniques might result in a disqualification.
A link of your YS Gold reviews must be posted on the official forum here.
The review must be well written, spelling mistakes will not help to be the best, unfortunately.
The winners will be announced shortlyafter this date.
The KTP staff will be judging the results and nominate one winner.
All participants must be at least 18 years old.
For participants under 18 years of age, a parental consent will be required.
Thank you and good luck,
Key To Play

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