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Fallen Earth Releases Details About System

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's Content Team has Offered us a Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Achievement System! Here's exclusive content from their team about the new systems:

Surviving the apocalypse is rough. There's all that scavenging, harvesting, garbage rummaging, salvaging…all while having to deal with apocalyptic dust flying in your eyes, the apocalyptic sun burning your face off, and apocalyptic rats nibbling at your toes. It's pretty tough out there and we want to reward our players for all their hard work! To do so, we're introducing over 500 achievements just waiting to be earned.

Casual players don't fret; you don't have to be hardcore to obtain all of these achievements. We've broken them down into five categories-allowing hardcore players a challenging yet entertaining addition to work towards while ensuring that casual players can also earn achievements a little more organically through natural  Fallen Earth Gold game play.

Not to mention achievements will provide some sweet bragging rights! Player accomplishments will be broadcasted in local chat as well as clan chat so those around can see your success(es) and clan members can see your accomplishment(s) no matter where they are in Fallen Earth Chips world!


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