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Fallen Earth Alpha County Update Coming Tomorrow

The latest major update to Fallen Earth, the Alpha County patch, is ready to go live tomorrow at 11:00 AM EDT. Alpha County was originally supposed to go live yesterday, however due to technical issues was pushed back to tomorrow.

Alpha County will open up the first county in the fourth sector of Fallen Earth Gold,  called The Grainway, which is made up of 11 towns, 2 town events and over 700 missions. The Grainway also adds a new conflict down were PvPers can battle it out for resources and items. The Alpha County update will also include new unique area bosses for larger groups looking for a bigger challenge.

Players wishing to enter The Grainway will have to reach a minimum level of 50 before entering. Aside from the new content a ton of changes have been made to combat which can be found on the official Fallen Earth Gold site.


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