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some experience after playing Champions Online

Champions Online gold is very important in this game and I have played the game for quite long time. Now I give you some tips to get champions money.
There are two kinds of players. They are to practice PK and to upgrade to fight monsters.

1 – 16 levels: you can let your friends help you. If you do not want to bother your friends(Champions Online Gold), you can go outside to fight monsters in the 5 levels. It is very fast to upgrade with cheap champions gold. At necessary time, you can buy Champions Online Gold to help you upgrade.

When you fight monsters with magic, you can add some ice, but do not add too much. Other skill point is to add some fire.

17 – 24 levels: you can go to do some task to get some skill point such as fighting white tiger.
24 – 51 levels: there are many tasks in this stage. You had better collect some Champions Gold to upgrade. The skill point is to add fire with magic.
52 – 80 levels: I advise you do not sell your sell stage in the 60 levels. If you have the interest, you can do it in the 72 levels.


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