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Champions Online Free For All Review - Silver vs Gold

As most of you may know, Champions Online is a former pay to play mmo. The game allows players to tap into their comic book hero counterpart and fight to save crime. The game stood out with how in depth the character creation is and how people could create heroes the way they wanted to, and not just some pre-set way (Though you can still pick certain archtypes). Due to wanting to get a larger player base, the company decided to go for a free-for-all model. The model has been a big success so far, helping the company gets a much larger player base, plus a lot more income in the process. But how much will the Free to Play model work for the players themselves, who may want to remain free?

One of the first limitations found in the game is the character creation(Champions Gold). What I mean by this is that the powers you are able to choose as a free player are limited. Paying players (Specifically Gold Members) can utilize a feature called Custom Archetypes. This allows you to be able to create a hero and his/her powers from scratch, throwing out the predefined powers and making a hero that is unique and to your tastes, but if you don't feel like doing that there are always the Base and Special Archetypes. These have powers laid out for you and you can create more of a cookie cutter types hero. Free players however are limited to just the Base Archetypes, they cannot use the Special ones or the Custom feature. Taking this into consideration, as a free player you get the choice of eight archetypes, while having three restricted to you. (Unless you pay a small fee to unlock Champions Online Gold)


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