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The Guide for Character in Maplestory

Welcome to Goldicq. We got the guide for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

On our <51 character(maple story mesos) we can MCPQ and get 30k exp every 10 minutes, it is good and we get good prizes. Not complaining and do not ever change it. Then we log on to our 3rd job character to PPQ, to do a pq that takes 3-4 times longer stage 2 is often 5-6 minutes in itself, get less exp than MCPQ 20-28k exp, at level 87 might as well be 0, kill more things, get nothing except maybe a few reindeer milk , keys drop maybe 1:50.

We have 11x pq's done and never even seen one. plus it cost's your potions, not alot but like 40 mana elixers and 30 barbarian elixers/pq, but mcpq does not cost jack. The level(maple story mesos) 90 pirate hat is something we would like to have confessed speed whore, on broa you are lucky to see a full party, with the above paragraph can you really blame them. With the experience raised maybe people will actually ppq more as an option for exp, as of right now it is not a viable option.

Thanks for your reading. By the way, we provide the maple story mesos service with the lowest price and the best service. Please contact with us any time.


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