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Skalz's Maplestory Guide

This is the Skalz's Maplestory Guide. He has been playing it for a long time. I collect this guide here and hope it can some game players.

Cover the EXP Bar

The #1 reason why people get bored of a game quickly isn't because there isn't anything new, but it's because they see the reality of where they really are. You look that you're at 6%, spend 3 hours playing the game and end up with 10%. That hits a person's enthusiasm hard. Solution? Open up your "Skills" window and drag it over your EXP bar. Your "Skills" window is the least used anyways, so why not put it to some good use? Just open it up, drag it over the bar and let it rest there. What you don't know won't hurt you.


It's obvious, but if it hasn't occurred to you yet, your own music is the best music. If you haven't gone completely insane from the Maple Story music yet, then good for you, but to make the game just a bit more entertaining, open up your playlist and just listen to what you like. It's not much, but it's better than hearing something you get annoyed or bored of. It doesn't have to be grinding music, just whatever you like. Whether you like Classical, Country, Rap, Rock, etc, it's YOUR choice. Wouldn't it be awesome to own Yeti's with Mozart's music in the background?


It's been said before, but it's good to say it again - PARTY and HOPE. Why hope? Hope you get maplestory mesos friendly party that actually talks, that has conversations about stuff that you're interested in. While this is extremely rare in Maple Story, it's not impossible. You get to meet new people, maybe find a few good friends and possibly a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Yes, I know, most people would be laughing at the people who do have a boyfriend or girlfriend in Maple Story. But what's wrong with it? It's their game, their life and you really have no right to judge what they like/dislike. So what if it's puppy love? Let them be. If they're together in real life, well even better. It helps to have some special there to play with and chat and make the game funner than just mindless grinding.
Credits to aznm0nk3yx - If a breakup happens, then fire yourself up to beat your ex's level and rub it in their face. Mean, yes, but if you really need the motivation.

Get Friends

So maybe online dating seriously isn't for you, but get friends non-the-less. It's always funner to have a group of maple story mesos with you playing than you being alone. You'll notice the difference of a day of grinding alone as opposed to an entire party of friends together. Usually, the easiest way of making friends is partying or maybe even around here, in Basil Market.


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