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Part 1: The Guide for Ludibrium in MapleStory

Welcome to Goldicq. We got the guide for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

Ludibrium is an interesting place, to say in the least, and it is also a very fun place where we are introduced to a whole bunch of new monsters, and all sorts of exciting quests. We do not cover quests in this FAQ , but we will cover which monsters you can train at while you are in ludibrium.

First of all, however, we would like to say that Ludibrium is wonderfully good for characters level(maple story mesos) 40 and higher, but below level 40 it is a waste of time unless you are going for the Ludi PQ, but that is still level 35. So here, we will just say what monsters are there, and what you can train on, without wasting your time.

Ludibrium PQ - This is decent training if you are in any server except Scania, mainly because in Scania it will take you too long to get in. This is also a very fun way to train. We are not going to go through the whole process, though.

Ratz - These are found towards the top, and very bottom of the Eos Tower, and are decent EXP around level(maplestory mesos) 40. Same goes for Dark Ratz. Trixters - Possibly the only exception, these might be worth your time to train at around level 30, up to level 35 even, but there are two problems. The spawn is horrible, and the exp is also horrible. The only reason why you might want to consider it is because of the shield that they drop (Seclusion Wrist Guard), which sells for a lot of mesos.

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