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Maple story Warrior Guide

Be you a newbie to the Maplestory game, you must get familiar with Warrior. It is important for you to acquaint yourself with Maplestory game go all out. Now we will make a full content of Warrior in order to help you find a shortcut to the game. Let us get down to it.

More often than not, Warriors use brute strength to take down foes. Of all the classes, Warriors are the only class that fight melee during their first and second jobs. They are easily the most powerful melee attackers in later levels.

In the game, Warrior possesses the most HP and the greatest defense due to their powerful armor. Coupled with their high attack, warriors become very powerful.
The horrible accuracy is their greatest weakness. While Bowmen can hit boss monsters 40+ levels above them, Warriors will have trouble hitting foes at the same level unless they sacrifice their strength for dexterity or scroll their equipment to provide additional accuracy. For example, a level 25 Archer could hit an Iron Hog at pig beach despite it being 17 levels higher. However, there's a possibility of the monster having very high avoid ability, thus making it harder to get decent damage. Usually, when your accuracy and maple story mesos level isn't enough to match the level and avoid ability of the monster, you either get miss or damage.
In the same way, their poor mobility causes training difficulties in terms of speed. As usual, Warriors use upgrade scrolls to add speed to their equipment so that they can move faster and increase their training rate as a result. Warriors have the choice of becoming Spearmen, Pages, or Fighters at level 30.

Dragon Knights can learn abilities such as Dragon Roar in the third job, as well as Elemental Charges for Knights and Combo Attacks for Crusaders.
Due to the large damage to opponents at round level 50 and onwards, people make a decision to become Warriors. However, there are some social issues to warriors. For example, in "Kerning City PQ" for levels 21-30, warriors are looked at as being weak, and are usually not recruited into the party quest. Yet Spearmen are chosen at around level 40+ for Ludibrium PQ, for their ability to Hyper Body, which temporarily increases HP and MP for a whole party. Pages are looked at as a minority. In case of Fighters, the special skills and maple story mesos Spearmen, they don't possess the raw power, required being a powerful character. This is why people choose not to become a page. Their only advantage are the powerful skills at around the third job advancement, but many Pages do not make it this far.

HP Warrior is another band of Warriors. Only do these Warriors increase their Hit Pints, not their Strength and Dexterity, which means that they have around 10,000 HP at level 30 and the job advancement. Due to the high of Strength and maple story mesos Dexterity, it can be very monotonous to get to level 30. If HP Warriors become Spearmen or Fighters, they possess a new skill called "Power Guard." This means that up to around 30% of damage dealt to the warriors is returned to the monster that dealt it. Owing to the large amount of HP, this is a huge advantage which means that low level HP Warriors can take on monsters that are about level 70 to 120 around level 40. HP Warriors take far longer than any other job advancement to train and become strong, and that is why most people choose not to take this route.


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