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Maple Story Card Trading Game Review

Tatics - These are pretty much your instant spells and what not that you place on the field most of the time.

As you can tell this game seems quite complicated at times. The fact of the matter is, thats the problem that lies within this game. Most people do not pay attention to other players cards. Even when they tell you at the top of the screen what the monster is capable of or even the tatics. Everything else about this game falls into place as a normal card game. I believe it would make the game a bit more maple story mesos if they possibly add tag team or four way matches instead of keeping it only two vs two. This game has a great system of trading which they have their own section for. Overall if you are looking for a card game to eat up some time or even to just play with a friend who has a low end pc. This is the way to go and it helps you think on your toes a bit more then just sitting their pressing numbers 1-9 on your keyboard all night.


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