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Introduction of Warriors in Maplestory

Obviously since this is a guide of Maplestory that completely homing on a Dragon Knight spear using Dragon Knight specifically, at times may appear bias towardsthe Dragon Knight and our personal builds. Because of this, we wish to show more than one possibility, and even allow yourself to merely "guide" you
through your leveling up as a Warrior. We also ask for you to e-mail us comments/suggestions so that we may improve this Maplestory guide.

Warriors as a class( maple story mesos) are extremely powerful. They eventually will hit higher while doing this more consistently than any other class. The also have massquantities of Hp. The difficulty is that it requires patience and a lot of money. As a Warrior, you will oviously be in close combat referred to as melee. Any of you who love this over range, we highly recommend this class for you. The flaw in this is that you will take massive damage at higher levels. Other flaws with the Warrior include:

1. incredibly innacurate.
2. high damage range.
3. low mp.
4. kill-stolen (ksed) a lot.
5. laughed upon by many until higher levels.

These flaws are repaired as you level( maple story mesos). Innaccuracy is repaired when you level up a skill called "Mastery." Spearman get Spear Mastery and Polearm mastery. This skill allows you to fix the high damage range, and raises your accuracy as well. Low mp is increased as a Spearman. In other classes, you can even increase regeneration amount. As you level up, warriors will be dominating in areas Magicians, Archers, and Theives may not be able to level. In otherwords, you will not be bothered by other classes. Finally, as you level, you get cooler armor, hit higher and your existence is finally acknowledged. Warriors become quite useful in parties as well, this including party quests.

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